The Planning Phase

Wedding planning can feel like a long walk off a short plank at times.
Wedding planning can feel like a long walk off a short plank at times.

We’re planning our wedding and honeymoon, and it seems like nothing could be more difficult. Is it really that hard to put together a plan? Well, it is when money’s tight, the bride-to-be just got a new job (again) and the groom-to-be will possibly retire a month after the nuptials.

Wedding planning is hard: especially when your big (and only) sister drops out of the wedding, leaving the bridal shower in shambles, and 3 vacancies in the wedding party. And the bride-to-be is out of friends to ask.

It’s hard to make this huge, massive celebration happen when there’s no mom (by choice or otherwise), no mom-in-law (deceased), and a whole great big new city to start over in. Again.

I don’t suppose it was meant to be easy. A good friend of mine warned me that my fiance and I would probably have some “knock-down-drag-out” fights during the planning phase. She was right.

On the flip side, it’s also been dynamic to have good friends (longtime, and new), mentor women at our church and great planning tools to help. Here’s my top 5 list of wedding planning must-haves:

  1. — great site for displaying updates on the big day. Also good for organizing wedding itineraries.
  2. A really good, best friend — mine hails all the way back to 1995, through nearly 2 decades of plain-jane-rumpled-old-life.
  3. Recent newlywed — my recently married friend has great, trendy ideas and happens to have some of her planning ideas left over to share with me.
  4. Google Drive — make spreadsheets — of all your details — and update them as you cross things off your to-do list. Load them up to the “cloud” and access them from anywhere.
  5. A solid church/pre-marital counseling plan — we took a class called, “Before You Say I Do,” and met for 6 weeks in the church parlor. Guest speakers touched on things we hadn’t even thought of. Also a great place for accountability.



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