Getting Past the Wedding (Tips for Keeping Your Cool)

Every bride-to-be needs to decompress before her big day. The stress and emotion of the engagement and planning process can really suck the life out of what is meant to be a beautiful time in a couple’s journey together. Here are 3 ways I found helpful to de-stress during the distress:

This is one of the first places my fiance and I went on a date in his hometown of Ponder, Texas.

Get your mind off all things wedding. When I can’t deal anymore, I try to unplug — as in no more computer. I watch Dallas reruns, read Beth Moore books and walk my Labrador retriever outside. Just taking a look at my Facebook page — with all the wedding ads — drives me up a wall. Take time to defrag.

Spend fun time with your fiance. Shoot! Who’s this wedding all about anyhow? He asked you to marry him, gave you a glitzy ring and takes good care of you. Why not hang out with him a bit? And don’t talk wedding. Try going for a drive with the windows down and the radio on. See something new. Take him out for coffee at a trendy shop. Just love on him and remember what’s really important about your wedding is your marriage to this amazing man!

Focus on your marriage instead of your wedding. Try reading some blogs or books about what helps make a happy couple. Start dreaming again … about the rest of your life. There’s so much time after the ceremony that we tend to forget all about.


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