72 single days

It’s May 1, the last May Day that I will be single for the rest of my life (Lord willing).*

I have to admit, it’s a strange feeling when everything in my life has been my own. 32.5 years I went before I met my soul mate, my life mate, my love. I had given up, fairly completely, on finding him and there are times I still have the strong urge to pinch myself and realize that this beautiful relationship is happening to me.

Tonight I’m visiting my home in Niagara Falls, NY for my bridal shower. Some of the best friends any girl could have are putting it together for me. I’ve only been away from Brent (and Toby and Jeeves) for 1.5 full days but I already miss them terribly. As my friend Monique says, pretty soon I’ll never be away from him again, ever. For the rest of my life I will be fused to this man’s soul.

And my, the time has really flown since we met. Reeling it backwards:

3 months ago: I’d just begun working for the local GEICO agent in Shreveport. The move was hard on both of us, and after finally storing my belongings in Dallas and moving me out of that apartment, we were ready for a break. It has been a great privilege to spend so much time with Brent. I don’t think I realized, until writing these words now, how much I mean that.

6 months ago: We got engaged. He knew our relationship was being strained by the distance between us. Would I move closer to him if we were engaged, he had asked. I said I would, and I told him I wanted him to ask formally. He said, get on up here. I hopped in the car.

9 months ago: Brent had just made it past the point of being sent over to Guam for 6 months with work. We had shaken in our boots over it for 1.5 months or so, just hoping it wouldn’t happen and trying not to think about it too much. I was living in Dallas, spending a lot of time with him in Louisiana, but the distance, and the travel, were stretching us both very thin.

12 months ago: I left my apartment in Buffalo, NY to move to Dallas. My best friend Melissa and I hopped into a U-Haul, hooked up my SUV to the back of it and pulled out into God’s country. I started working at GEICO in Dallas, got my Texas insurance license and went through the terrible claims process after my vehicle was destroyed during the move. Rough way to start out.

18 months ago: Brent and I were getting a lot closer. We’d had a blowout and it wasn’t pretty. In fact, I wasn’t sure we would continue dating. My family and I were painting my new apartment and I was getting moved in. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that day. I didn’t sleep the entire night, worried that Brent and I were over. We ended up making amends and making plans to meet in person. We said “I love you,” to each other for the first time very early on Christmas morning.

24 months ago: I responded to a match on eHarmony.com. This cute blonde man, a military man, popped up on my matches page. I thought to myself, “He’s really hot. A classic American look. I’m not going to write to him b/c I don’t think I’d be his type. I’m not sure I’d want to be with a military man anyhow.” Thankfully, eHarmony.com gently urges you to respond to every single match. So I clicked on the cute blonde’s profile, sent him a note, and accidentally called him “John.” He wrote back and the rest is history.


*I learned long ago that if God doesn’t will it, I don’t want it. And if God wants to change the plan, at any time, it’s His decision to make. I believe that for me and Brent. We are in God’s hands.


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