The Countdown Continues

We’re getting pretty close to Wedding Day! Just 14 more days! I don’t know if I can handle how fast we’re hurtling to the Finish Line…or maybe I should say the Starting Line. But I know we’ll be ready.

We’re getting married in a Baptist church in Ponder, Texas. That’s where my fiance was born and raised. The church has a very high, pointed ceiling with ribs every 20 feet or so. The carpet is a dim sage green, so we should be able to figure out some simple decorations to match our colors, which are various shades of aqua.

My fiance have had a great past several months. He’s retired from the U.S. Air Force last week, so he’s enjoying his free time sleeping, playing video games, watching TV with the boys (dog and cat), rebuilding his computer, shopping, cooking, cleaning and keeping me on-keel emotionally ;0) So, he’s pretty busy! I’m thankful for this time he has to regroup and get some much-needed R & R. I’m not sure he’s been able to be fully refreshed for the past 18 years.

Brent is also not feeling too well. He pulled a muscle in his side and it’s really been painful for him. He says he’s feeling a bit better now, which is wonderful. I don’t want him to be hurting on his (our) special day.



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