Honeymoon in Dallas

Our wedding colors were various hues of aqua and seafoam.
Our wedding colors were various hues of aqua and seafoam.

It might seem low class that I’m blogging while I’m on my honeymoon, but I hope it doesn’t.

For me, blogging and journaling is how I process and work things out. So much has happened over the past week — I can’t possibly take the time to catalog it all right now (I do have a hottie groom waiting for me to climb into bed so he can wrap his big ole’ bear paws around my shoulders). Tonight we’ll have to settle for an update from today — Monday.

I woke up to a sun-struck skyline — 18-stories up — and a soft, husky Texan voice calling my name. My groom wrapped his arms around me and began to gently stroke my curly hair. He nudged me awake, made me a hot cup of coffee and away we went.

Together, we took an elevator (yikes!) up 400+ feet above the Dallas pavement and out onto a catwalk circling around a cross-hatched orb bolting up from the Hyatt. Reunion Tower afforded us a view of all the Big D skylights, including Dealey Plaza, just a block away.

After checking out of our glam hotel, we met up with my new brother-in-law Brandon and his friend Craig. Brandon delivered a two-thumbs-up meal when he took us to Smoke, a barbecue joint pushing toward Dallas’ west side. From the outside, Smoke looked like a dump. But inside, it was trendy and Texan, the crush of barbecue caused me to literally gasp when I Brent opened the front door.

A quick drive to Plano (just outside Dallas) found us at SouthFork Hotel — a haunt laden with memorabilia from the TV show Dallas, both then and now. We grabbed a bite to eat at the Cattleman’s Cafe, then I took a dip in the hot tub underneath the Dallas moonlight.

It has been a wonderful day — just me and my new husband.


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