What does it mean to care for your spouse?

Goofing around pretending to be sick on the ER bed.
Goofing around pretending to be sick on the ER bed.

We have been sick the past couple weeks — me with digestive problems and Brent with nausea and fatigue — which kept me out of the loop for a while on this blog. Sorry for the delay in posting new content.

Well, my husband and I are in going into our 6th week of marriage. Our illness has caused a few bumps in the road, but it has also brought us closer together. Brent took me to the ER last week at 1 a.m., when I’m sure he’d rather have been at home, snuggled comfortably in our bed, catching himself some healthy Z’s.

Instead, my handsome, sleepy man was with me, waiting for an ER doctor to deliver a diagnosis. He made me laugh, nearly to tears, laying on the Stryker bed and pretending to check his ears and nose with those little lighted tools. I snagged a few photographs (I’ll add one here) and swung him through the Whataburger drive-thru on the way home. I wouldn’t have made it without him.

I have spent a few nights myself, woken up by Brent’s coughing, feeling seasick or unable to stay asleep. Made for groggy mornings, but I have no greater pleasure than taking care of the man I love.

And isn’t that marriage in a nutshell — CARE-ing for another person? Love is transcendent … you can love a man and never be married to him. You can love a woman and never take care of her. Tending to another person in the good and the bad times is totally different. To care about someone means to work for their best, even when love is absent.

Or, in the case of marriage, when love doesn’t come naturally. When you don’t feel like loving your spouse. When your mate has hurt you…or failed you…or disappointed you…or..has not taken care of you. Have you ever felt that way? Not cared for and not valued, you decide to recuse yourself from being caring toward your spouse. It’s fortitude that gets you through.

What do you think its means to care for your spouse? Tell me in the comments!


2 thoughts on “What does it mean to care for your spouse?”

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head – caring (in every sense of the word; in sickness – emotional and physical, etc. etc.) even when you don’t FEEL like it. Getting beyond your FEELINGS – in any aspect of life, but ESPECIALLY marriage – is what gets you through. It’s the difference between sitting it out and pouting, and doing what is right. It is in many ways critical to success in so many aspects of life.

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