Caring for my husband with shoes on

The legend of the horseshoe and soul fusion.
The legend of the horseshoe and soul fusion.

Wow, did I ever get challenged regarding my last post — and right away!

Previously, I wrote about caring for your spouse, wondering what that even meant. I determined that caring means wanting the best for the other person even if it’s not what you want — and doing your part to make that happen. Especially when it’s uncomfortable.

Last night I came home from work about 11:15 p.m. and found my husband unresponsive on the bed. His eyes were partially open and I tried to wake him up for about 10 minutes. His eyelids fluttered a bit, but he didn’t respond to me and didn’t move. His breathing was shallow and turned rattly, which sent me into a panic.

Aside: For those of you who know me, this was very similar to what happened to my dad in 2012. No matter what I did — gently taping his cheek with my hand, knuckle-rubbing his breast bone, shaking him, pinching him, talking to him, squeezing his hand — dad didn’t respond. It was much the same with Brent last night.

Partially out of panic borne somewhat from past experiences with my father, I called 911, rolled Brent onto his side and waiting for the paramedics. When they arrived, Brent sat up and was talking to them. His heart looked good, but some of his readings were high and they advised him to get it checked out stat.

Once they were gone, I got Brent a cool towel for his forehead, a huge glass of ice water with a straw, and propped him up with all our pillows so his neck wouldn’t ache in the morning. I made sure he didn’t tumble on his way to the restroom and called his dad and brother to offer Brent some comfort.

As I laid down next to him — all my late night plans smothered — I couldn’t think of any place I’d rather be. I held his hand and he cuddled close to me — unable to say much without getting scared and worked up. I rubbed his arm and hummed some soothing hymns to him. He finally fell asleep after wrapping me in his arms and setting my head on his shoulder to sleep (he had all the pillows ;0) ).

Brent’s going to be just fine, just FYI. But what a night! And what a privilege to care for the person I love most in this world.


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