Wilderness 101: Finding the purpose in waiting

Newly pronounced husband and wife.
Newly pronounced husband and wife.

It’s really a painful thing to watch God give you a tremendous blessing – like marriage – and then see Satan seep in and try to bring about something negative to steal it away.

I’ve seen it a lot of times, actually, in my own life. The Bible calls Satan the “Father of lies,” because he fills our minds with junk and shoves out the joy and hope we’ve worked so long to renew them with.

In some of my graduate studies, I’ve learned that one type of therapy or counseling is CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In this type of therapy, a counselor spends a lot of time talking out the patient’s problems with them. Essentially, over the years, sin and society, along with circumstances, have convinced us to believe lies about ourselves:

“I’m too fat, no one would love me.”   “I’ll never amount to anything because I have no direction.”   “My life is worthless because I’m not rich or famous?

But these things are just flat out lies — that Satan wants us to believe so we will become ineffective for Christ.

Right now, my husband and I are ready to move on to the next step God has in our lives, but we can’t seem to find the open door. We’ve been praying together each night that God would open all the doors He wants open and shut all the doors He wants shut. We know He’s in control and can and WILL do exceedingly more than we could ever imagine.

But the waiting is difficult. It’s like a holding pattern, the wilderness or a weeks-long wait for a return diagnosis. It’s dry, barren and it all looks the same. Sunshine looks gray, there’s no breeze, no water, no food and no life. Satan would have it strangle every last drop of hope out of us.

But! Here’s the rub: Satan can’t do anything to us that God doesn’t permit. Considering the story of Job from the Bible, that’s pretty scary. But then there’s David, Joseph, Jacob, Paul, John and Moses. I’m reminded of a song that was recorded in the early 1990s:

“There is nothing that can come against me, that doesn’t pass through Your hands. So I’m finding that You’re faithful and true and I’m placing all my trust in You.” (“There is a Love”)

My husband and I are moving on all right — we’re moving forward into victory, and into a deeper relationship with God. We’re building the foundation of our marriage of 3 — Brent, Sarah and the Holy Spirit — so we’ll be strong when the tides of life rise even higher.

And so we wait, with courage, trust and hope, knowing that God’s purposes never fail, and He has purposed our beautiful life together.


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