Going west, when the ‘evil’ is in Shreveport

Brent, Sarah and horsesMy husband and I are in a transitional phase this Fall. After just two months of wedded bliss, we’re moving to another state. So long, Louisiana, and, Yee Haw! We’re ’bout to be back in Texas!

Seriously, we both can’t wait. Louisiana is probably my least favorite of the places I’ve lived — and that includes Buffalo during the winter AND Prince George’s County, Maryland (chuckle). I’ve been to Baton Rouge and New Orleans, and have driven around the Houma area and through the vast swaths of sugarcane crops under the hazy South Louisiana sky.

And I don’t enjoy a bit of the Sportsman’s Paradise. It has a bit of wild wickedness infused into the culture. The South has its voodoo and the North has its backwoods vile, including some of the strangest crime I’ve ever heard of. I have never lived in an area riddled with so much violent crime and unrest. Louisiana reminds me of the quicksand pits where the “ROUS’s” pounce out of nowhere. There can be no good come from that state.

We will be out here in Denton, Texas within the month. We’re going to be staying briefly with Brent’s father at the family homestead in Ponder, just west of Denton. Ponder, friends, is like a breath of fresh air you didn’t know you needed, and didn’t think existed. I’m looking forward to spending many Friday nights at the high school football games just across the field from the Bays house.

Toby, my Labrador retriever, has already taken to the large fenced-in yard and to his new “Grandpa,” who takes the dog outside to sit on the back patio and do absolutely nothing but relax. Toby has taken to soaking up the North Texas sunshine. I just hope he doesn’t take to smoking “cee-gars” with Grandpa Bays!

Brent and I will be working on our respective and collective dreams together. He’ll head back to studying aviation and I’ll be starting my book, and possibly a small business in social media and media marketing. We’ll see about that.

Meantime, watch for my blog posts to appear under the site “Sex, Sin and the South.” I’ll post excerpts from my work-in-progress book there, but they won’t be posted to Facebook. The book is based loosely on true crime stories, but is a Sarah Bays original work. I hope you enjoy it, if you click on the links!

‘Til then, Go west, young man!


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