A few of my favorite (Ponder, TX) things

A horse enjoying a summer day in Ponder.There’s something special about Ponder, TX, and it has a lot to do with what isn’t there.

As ya’ll know, Brent and I spend time in his hometown of Ponder visiting his family homestead. We were just there last weekend spending time with his dad, brother and niece.

I enjoyed walking down January Lane into the wild (dusty) Ponder yonder. Brent relaxed in his old bedroom, still decorated with awards and honors from the lives of his brothers.

One thing we both noticed while we were in North Texas was that we felt better. Our digestive tracts were handling food better (ha!) and we didn’t feel queasy like we often do here in Shreveport.

It’s a lot less humid in Ponder than in Shreveport, so the air feels cleaner. But I think the biggest factor for our well-being is the lower levels of stress.

As a couple right now, we’re juggling a whole lot of stressful situations. Neither one of us is working (I gave my 2-weeks notice due to our upcoming move) and income is scarce. I have health woes as does he. Last week our dog was sick.

We’re making a major move, finding storage for our belongings, and calibrating with the USAF to get our apartment packed up and shipped. He’s working on applying to college (for a second degree) and I’m working on job hunting and trying to lower our spending.

We are exhausted.

Here in Shreveport, those things are always on our minds. But in Ponder, they are thoughts that often seem far away, needless and undesired.  We know we’ll be safe there, away from the seemingly never-ending pressure that often hamstrings us, leaving us passionless and unmotivated.

I’m looking forward with great expectations to many years of starry nights under a canopy of indigo skies and a moon the size of Earth. Mornings spent on the patio with my father-in-law and a hot mug of coffee, Toby running around in the yard. Brent resting and enjoying UNT games on TV. Living where my love grew up.

I’m starting to sound like that song from The Sound of Music, but it’s all true. Can’t wait to get home to Ponder and finally exhale.


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