Healthy marriage matters

Husband and WifeWe’re still really trying to figure out what this marriage things means in terms or the new responsibilities we find ourselves carrying along with the promise of forever love.

One of the new-found things we’ve realized we now need to do for each other is to get and stay healthy. What that entails probably differs from couple-to-couple, but to the best of our abilities, we owe it to each other to take our well-being seriously.

For me, that (so far) has meant getting cortisone shots and other treatments for my feet (ouch!), getting 2 very painful abdominal ultrasounds (no, not for pregnancy), lots of blood tests, an endoscopy, being properly medicated and treated for certain other ailments, getting exercise and losing weight. Especially losing weight.

I’ve dropped about 25 pounds since June, which is better than the course I was headed down. Right now, that means two or three decent walks each day, bottles and bottles of water, cutting back on sweets and eating less overall.

I also have some sort of stomach condition that brings painful gnawing to my upper stomach. I’m taking pills for stomach acid and trying to avoid the foods that seem to make me sick.

My husband has a few habits (nothing sinful, FYI!), just like I do, that I’d like to see him leave behind for the sake of his own health. Though we each have different goals toward becoming healthier, we’re using our mutual need to challenge and encourage each other to rid ourselves of the things “which so easily beset us” (Hebrews 12:1).

So our goals are:

  • After I drop another 30 pounds, he will give up one of his things
  • After I drop 20 more, he will give up the other one.

I won’t specify his habits because as his wife, I choose to honor him. It’s up to Brent if he want’s the world to know the blips on his health radar. Meanwhile, we’re both checking our blood pressure each morning and trying to be more active. I want this man to be around a very long time!


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