What’s so hard about marriage?

couple-body-shot-holding-hands-112188So, I’m thinking today, What is the most difficult part about being married?

I admit, several things popped into my head right away (all said in love):

  • Keeping the house clean with a man!
  • Not mothering my man
  • Making sure we don’t keep score (“I did this last time,” or “You never take out the trash!”)

I’m not sure any of these things qualify as “difficult,” but in my world — that of an independent 33-year-old woman who married later in life — just about any form of ceding control to another person drive me up a wall. I’m not a control freak, I tell my husband. I’m a New Yorker. We believe that we can accomplish anything if we just work harder.

That’s not quite true in marriage, is it? After almost 3 months of wedded bliss, I’m realizing it’s time to shut my mouth and kick off the boots that have always made me stand taller than anyone I disagreed with. “One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you,” isn’t the anthem I want as the soundtrack of my marriage.

Anyhow, I’d love to know more about what ya’ll think. What’s the hardest part about being married? If you want, leave a note in the comments or head on over to my Facebook page and take the poll I’ve posted there.


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