10 things to know before moving with your mate

A dozen or so Longhorns graze near our new home in Ponder, Texas. Aren't they beautiful?
A dozen or so Longhorns graze near our new home in Ponder, Texas. Aren’t they beautiful?

My husband and I just moved this past week. It wasn’t a long move, just about 4.5 hours. But we’re home here in North Texas, and ready to begin the next chapter in our life together.

While we’re glad to be here, I admit we had some hiccups, stubbed toes, obstacles, bumps in the road, or whatever you’d like to call them. Who would think a simple move would be so challenging for two people to accomplish? I’m here to tell you that if you don’t think relatively “normal” happenings in a new marriage are challenges, you might want to crack open that couples’ self-help book you got during marriage counseling.

In the mean time, here’s 10 things to consider while moving with your mate:

Don’t leave packing until the last minute. Most likely, you’re going to forget about 14 dozen little items you didn’t think would be so irritating to pack. It’s a good idea to get boxes, bags and bins ahead of time, just to make sure you’re not left toting 12 of those miscellaneous things in your arms on your way out.

Speaking of bags, never, ever throw out your last plastic bag. First off, you’ll likely forget about the water and cereal bars you plan to take in the car with you. Also, a last-minute bag is great for those last-minute 14 dozen items ;0)

Movers are a great idea! Just make sure you have all your “to go” stuff separate from the things you’re still going to need. Example: You’re probably going to need a screwdriver to pop the screws out of the walls before you spackle. Don’t let the movers inadvertently pack the tools! Even if you say not to pack them, they will get packed. Trust me.

It’s a good idea to have an air mattress on hand for your last night. Just make sure you also have a pump to fill up the thing. You don’t want to be making any last-minute Walmart runs at 9 p.m. the night before you hit the road.

Remember, you’re in this together. Work together as a team. It’s important to help each other get adjusted to a new environment, and leaving the old one. Don’t forget to do something special for your spouse during the move — they’re going to need the pick-me-up.

Back to the movers. I can’t stress this one enough. If you have movers, you definitely want to make sure they know what they’re in for way in advance. Here’s an example: If they’re packing your stuff and loading it into the moving truck, they might need more than one day to get all of that done. The last thing you want is for them to show up and tell you they will have to come back for a second day of work. Trust me on this one too!

Stock up on large plastic trash bags, as in, boxes of them. We went through about 50 bags full of trash by the time we turned in our apartment keys. File this one in the late-night Walmart category too.

Keep cell phone and GPS chargers within sight at all times! We all feel lost sans cell phones these days, especially with all the moving parts of a relocation. You don’t want to have to think about where that charger is, so might be a good idea for the lady of the house to keep them in her purse.

Make time for mistakes. One of you is going to need clean underwear, a prescription refill or an oil change for the car. It’s a good idea to build time and emotional energy into your move. Don’t let them catch you by surprise or you may end up in tears behind the wheel driving down the interstate. Just saying.

Remember, if you each have a vehicle and you’re driving both of them to your new home, you and your love will be apart for as long as it takes to complete the trip. With the bulk of the work done, you’re really going to miss him, ahem, them (I missed Brent terribly!). Make sure you stop for a break — and if you have a pet, be sure to find a grassy place with access to fresh water — and spend the time alone dreaming of all the reasons you married each other, and the beauty of what’s to come at your new home.

And here’s a bonus idea: If you have a dog, make sure to spend time with him during the move. He’s going through a big change too! Check out how Toby and I had fun in this VIDEO:


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