A walk through the fields

Toby relaxing on the back patioToby and I went for a morning walk at 7:30 a.m. January Lane was pretty busy with folks heading off to work, so we walked through the neighbor’s yard and then around the perimeter of Brent’s dad’s yard. Toby sniffed every step of the way.

It was a good 15-minute walk and Toby got some much-needed exercise (He’s been a bit mischievous lately). I took another 30 minute to walk on my own. It’s nice to have time and space to walk and enjoy the fresh morning air. The immaculate background of Texas landscape doesn’t hurt either!

When I returned, my husband and his father were outside on the patio enjoying the lemony morning sun rise over the nearby homes and ranches. We have been truly blessed. Just having a simple place to live and thrive where we don’t have to worry about safety is a huge deal. And we don’t have to wrangle with weirdo neighbors anymore either (the “Old Man” I’ve mentioned before at our last place asked Brent if he had cancer the day before we moved. He also insisted that Brent and his twin look exactly alike — and he has never met Brandon. Oddly enough, the guys are fraternal twins and look nothing alike. But when I asked him how he knew about Brandon he looked at me from behind aviator shades and nodded his head. “Oh, I know. I keep to myself but I know things. I know about you too.” I felt a tingle go down my spine).

Ponder is just a whole other world. Sometimes I get turned around when we’re driving and can’t tell which way is North. The other day, we drove through Gainesville, Texas, missed our turn and ended up across the Red River in Oklahoma. That’s what I love about it here–you can just get lost by stepping out the front door. It’s really a magical feeling.


To read more about the “Old Man,” click HERE.


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