Syncing truth and love

Brent and Sarah I’ve written about truth on this blog before, concerned that the balance of truth and love is struck in my own life. Today, I’m wondering how that balance is going in my marriage to Brent.

We are both very opinionated people (me probably more so than him), and so we often disagree about things. Little things, like when to do the laundry and whether to eat at home or go out for dinner can easily (and quickly) turn into battles. It confounds me how two people, who have each others’ best interests at heart, make such a big deal about nothing.

Three days from now is our 3-month wedding anniversary. Sometimes it feels much shorter than that, but there are days when I can’t believe I haven’t been married to him forever. Mostly though, I still get a flutter in my heart when I think of being “Mrs. Bays,” or Mrs. anything, if I were to be honest. Before I met Brent, I had really come to the conclusion that there was a great possibility I would be single forever. Now that I have Brent in my life, I can’t imagine being anything else than married to this outrageously wonderful man.           

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God created two people in their mothers’ wombs in ways that would forever complement and suit the other one. Brent had a twin in the belly with him, but God made sure it was the older, taller, bigger, quieter, cat-loving Conservative one who was prepared for a woman from Western New York. And he made me gabby, outgoing, short, musical, dog-loving and Conservative throughout the 32 years before I met my husband. That astounds me, and it inspires me.

So as Brent and I move forward in our marriage, we want to be sure to live it out as God has created. He wants me to live how He created me, and the same for Brent. Sometimes that means having a few spats over which pet gets to sleep in the bed with us each night. We need to both be true to ourselves, and to the people God made us to be.

And that truth needs to be tempered with love. I love my yellow Lab, more than you know. But I’m not going to cut Brent to shreds if Toby doesn’t get to hop into bed with us tonight. I’ll just spend time with the dog tomorrow, and let Brent know the Lab needs me too. Same goes for Brent. The longer we are married (Can’t believe I’m even writing that with only 11 weeks under our belt), the more I understand that and crave that.

The Bible says that the truth will set us free. Free to love, to laugh, to enjoy each moment, to succeed, to fail and to continue to be free. Sometimes, like this morning, sitting outside on the patio in the morning sun, I close my eyes and breathe in the clean, wild Texas breeze. The morning sun strengthens me and warms me after each dewy morning. Toby is out sunbathing in the yard, and Brent is sitting next to me in another chair. This morning, I took his hand and held it for a while as we both sat and enjoyed the freedom of those moments.

If we let truth become extreme and callous, we lose the love part, and end up trapping ourselves and others in chains of fear, anxiety and depression. They aren’t free to be themselves. What sort of point does that truth make?


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