6 months down

SARAH 1Today is our 6th month anniversary. To celebrate, Brent took me to breakfast at this little cafe here in Ponder. It was nice to go someplace new and spend time together just eating and catching up.

One thing we talked about was where we were at this time 6 months ago. Brent was waiting at home, laying down, while his out-of-town family was entertained by his father.

He had arrived at my hotel room early that morning to pick up his USAF uniform jacket, since I had to sew his stripes onto each arm the night before. When I’d opened the door, I gave him a big hug and said, “I’m so happy to see you.” (Funny how love is … I’m with Brent all the time, but I miss him even if we’re just in separate rooms.)

There I was, in the process of getting my nails done, then running across the shopping center to get my hair curled, all by myself on my wedding day. I remember running out of the salon mid-style after the preacher warned my bridesmaids that he would start without the bride! ;0)

I paid the stylist, made a mad dash to my friend Monique’s car and away we went — nearly flying off the south end of hills on the country roads. I’m sure she clocked at least 80 mph at some point, and that coupled with my stress ruined my hair. But we were there on time.

Monique and I rushed into the church’s bride room where my bridesmaids were still readying themselves. I was a bit of a jerk, I must admit, insisting that their attention be focused on me and getting me dressed. I still needed makeup, all my dressings, hair, veil, jewelry, shoes, bouquet and a huge glass of ice cold water. More than just my hair was a wreck, if I’m honest.

As the bridal party (and my dad) waited outside the church sanctuary, I admit I was suddenly super nervous. I don’t have stage fright anymore, but something just caught in my belly and I felt butterflies doing somersaults inside. But when the doors flung open and I heard the Ode to Joy playing, I saw him, dressed in his Air Force blues, waiting for me at the altar. And he was beaming!

What a day! What a moment that was! It was sunny then; it’s overcast and gloomy today. We have learned so much in just 6 months. I’m so blessed to be married and I love it more and more with each passing breath.


First date 2015

All the reasons I love himMy husband and I went out last night for our first date together in 2015 (Aside: Can I just say that all of that sentence sounds so foreign to me? Married, going out on dates, 2015!) and he planned it all himself.

He actually had the whole day planned for us to spend time together. We ran a couple errands, had a quick bite to eat for lunch, then walked around the mall for a few hours. This is a big deal to me because the Grapevine Mall just outside of Dallas has to be the most spectacular shopping mall I’ve ever been in. There are things to look at everywhere! People swarm the common areas, stores, restrooms, benches outside and around every table in the food court.

Brent bought me a book I’ve been wanting to read for a while now, along with a small book light so I can read at night after he’s gone to bed and my night owl self is wide awake laying there next to him. We laughed our way through the crazy candy store (I had a particularly big time once he pointed out the “Colon Blow” cereal on one of the shelves) and he picked me up a canister of Bailey’s Irish Creme centered chocolates.

At the cookie shop he let me choose a custom order of the best cookies I’ve ever tried. We finally made it to an open table in the food court where we sat and chatted for an hour or so. It’s amazing how much my husband says when I’m silent! I need to try that more often, because just listening to his soft Texan accent talk about Mr. Pibb or the Dallas Cowboys or just about anything else.

We capped the evening with a movie (we saw Exodus: Gods and Kings) at a dine-in theater. Man, those huge, comfy recliners and bottomless beverages paired with Parmesan french fries and my hand in his was the perfect way to spend a beautiful evening.

Like I told Brent on the drive home, “I really needed that. We really needed that. It’s not that I forget, but those kinds of days remind me why I married you, and why I love you so much.”