Tips to love your husband better

love autumnBrent and I have spent just shy of 15 months of marriage. I love being married! With just over a year full of highlights and challenges behind us and steeped in sweet memory, I offer some tips for young (or newly minted) wives:

  • Forgive as often as you get the chance.
  • If you have to choose between spending time with your husband and indulging in your favorite pastime, choose him.
  • Lavish him with praise, and be quick to bite your tongue when you don’t have something uplifting to say.
  • Never grow irritated taking care of him — it’s rare that men need us to help them physically, but they really, really want you when they’re sick.
  • Live to please him, and let him live to please you. Love makes that natural, so be sure to invest in learning how to best show your love to him.

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