It’s time

YesterdayI had my baseline scan to see if we’re good to go with fertility meds. My RE said everything looked great, and I took my first dose of Femara after that. This drug is supposed to make my ovaries prepare some good eggs to release.

This Friday I’ll start an injectable drug called Follistim, which will we hope will be the knock out in a one-two punch to get the eggs ready to pop. Next week I’ll have another scan to see if I have any ready follicles and how many and how large they are.

If that scan looks good, I’ll inject a “trigger shot” of another drug which is sort of like a booster shot to get the eggs to actually pop into my tubes…etc. Then we try …. then we have a blood test to see if I even ovulated … then we wait 2 weeks … then we have another blood test to see if I’m officially pregnant.

This is the time we have been waiting for. We started trying for a family about a year ago, but hit a couple obstacles with my PCOS and then finding out surgery was required. I’m nervous — nervous that we won’t conceive and nervous that we won’t. The stress has at times made me want to quit trying.

But here we are … lining up to get into the gate and get this race won. We just pray for God’s will and plan for our lives to be done.


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