Little tater tot

So, it’s been a while since I’ve written on my blog. I was hesitant to post about our news too early, but it’s time to share.

I am pregnant with our first little one!

Baby Bays should arrive sometime mid-July 2016. We’re praying for a healthy pregnancy and delivery, and a happy and healthy baby girl or boy. Everything seems to be going well right now, and we’ll have our first ultrasound in about a week.

I’m finding myself far more attached to this babe than I realized I’d be. I know that sounds odd being that I’m a mother now, but all of my life I never realized just how much I’d care so soon.

Despite being only 6 weeks and 3 days along, we’ve known about our little tater tot now for about half of that time — much longer than most women at this stage. Many ladies don’t even know they’re pregnant until around now. Morning sickness sets in, your body starts acting strangely and then Poof! The home pregnancy test comes up positive. For us, it’s been a bit more complex than that.

Perhaps that’s why I’ve already grown so attached. These first few months of pregnancy are super important and often very precarious, especially for someone my age (35) and with PCOS. So knowing early has been good for that. It’s also meant that I’ve been more paranoid than perhaps most women are during early pregnancy. Every pain, every cramp, every wave of nausea has had me wondering. “Is something going wrong? Is the baby OK?”

And then of course if something’s not happening, there’s the concern that the baby has stopped thriving. Thankfully, I’ve had symptoms on and off, which generally indicates normalcy this early on. So I’m grateful for a bit of comfort in that.

At our two week appointment, my HCG levels indicated pregnancy. A couple days later, that number was elevated, but hadn’t quite doubled, which it should have. The nurse suggested that could mean an ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage or a chemical pregnancy (those two are similar in early pregnancy). She assured me that I was going in the right direction though, and that we should run another test.

Two days later, another test and another long day waiting for the results. I cried and worried. My husband comforted me and reassured me that everything would be OK. I was heartbroken already, probably over preparing myself for the worst.

Thankfully, we got excellent results. My HCG (pregnancy hormone) numbers had more than doubled since the previous test. My nurse was enthusiastic and said we didn’t need any more blood tests now and could schedule an ultrasound for the 7 week, 3 day mark. I can’t tell you how relieved and grateful her news was. God had been “cooking” our little one in His perfect timing.

We’ve come up with a couple names that we like and my husband is taking great care of me and the baby. He’s already a wonderful father. I don’t think the dog can tell yet, but once he can, I’m not even sure my husband will be able to get within 5 feet of me without growling ensuing 😉 I know the Lab will be very attached too!






My first born is diabetic

My first born is Toby, our beautiful yellow Labrador retriever. He’s 10 1/2 years old, and I have raised him since he was since the tender age of 5 months. He means the world to me. He sleeps in an oversized orthopedic dog bed next to my side of our bed, and that’s only because with me, Brent and Toby in the bed, I turn into a contortionist.

A couple weeks ago Toby started acting different. He didn’t spend much time out of his bed, which was unusual for him since he loves to be with us at all times. He started panting heavily and waking up in the middle of the night for water and to go outside.

As my husband says, Toby has always been a “heavy drinker,” but out of nowhere he started begging for more and more water. I had to fill a big mixing bowl and put it by his bed at night so he could quench his insatiable thirst throughout the night. He also started acting like his hips were hurting him a lot.

I thought perhaps it was his winter dog coat coming in. Perhaps the change in weather was making him “clammy?” Maybe we weren’t talking him out enough. I made up all kinds of excuses in my mind, but in my heart I was pretty sure I knew the cause of his distress — dog diabetes.

We woke up one day last week and Toby wouldn’t eat his dog food. He’s a Lab — that just wasn’t right! I knew we had to get him to the vet. It was my 35th birthday and it was truly a gift to be able to take Toby to our wonderful vet clinic and get him checked out.

A blood test revealed the truth: our little wet-nosed blonde had sky-high sugar in his blood. Doctor Rouchon put him on prescription metabolic dog food and gave a stern warning: “No more dry dog food.” I always thought the canned food wasn’t good for dogs due to a higher fat content. But the vet told me that’s just not true. Dry dog food is loaded with carbohydrates and too many of those can cause insulin resistance and/or Type 2 diabetes in dogs.

One day after starting on the diabetic dog food, Toby seemed more like himself, spending time with us in the living room and kitchen (of course lol) and his thirst seemed to have abated. He seemed to regain some energy and just seemed happier and more lively. What a relief! My dog mom’s heart swelled.

It’s been a few days now and Toby seems to be adjusting. He didn’t eat all of his lunch today, but gobbled it up later after I topped it with some frozen green beans. Dog dinner went down much easier. We’ll go in Monday and leave Toby with Dr. Rouchon to have glucose tests done throughout the day. If the new food is working, we can stick with that. If not, he might need to start on insulin.

Apart from that, we just need to sort out his achy body and what seems to be arthritis.

I’m so thankful for a great vet and the healing power of God, who cares for ALL His creatures.  I’m also so thankful for the chance to take care of this beautiful animal. He is a true joy and the light of my life. After all the years that he has taken care of me, it’s my privilege to be able to care for his little whiskered face.