Sugar Plum is growing fast

At first, being pregnant felt a lot like I swallowed something and a little alien started growing in my belly. We watch YouTube videos each week to see what our little one looks like in utero, and some of the alien thoughts were confimed 🙂

I’m just about to hit 10 weeks pregnant and we had a sonogram the other day. Our Sugar Plum is getting so big! We even got to see him/her wiggle around in there. The baby sure looks a lot more “human” than it did before!

I can’t believe how quickly this kid is growing up! Every week it’s something new. We’ve had several sonograms because of my higher-risk pregnancy — about one on average since week 6. I guess we’re a bit spoiled now because we want to see the little wiggle worm as often as we can. Sadly, we now have to wait at least a month until we get the chance to see our babe again.

As for this first trimester, I’m ready to kiss it goodbye. I’ve been sick since Week 6 and it feels like that morning sickness has really stolen my enthusiasm about this pregnancy, which is super sad to me. I’m feeling a bit better these past few days and that has made a huge difference. I may even have a bit more energy.

My husband has pulled all the weight around the house, including tending to our pets, cooking, cleaning, running errands, washing laundry and taking care of Mama Bear. He’s the only reason I’m able to let myself “be sick” and get lots of sleep. I’m so thankful for him.