Getting bigger

I’m just out of my 1st trimester and I’m so happy about that! I’m feeling a bit better, but I think that might be mostly due to a new anti-nausea medicine I’m on. I still get queasy when I don’t have the pills, but mints and smelling citrus lotion/etc. really helps keep it at bay.

We saw our little one a few days ago, kicking and waving and really moving around. I was surprised at how much bigger he/she has gotten. My husband has come to call the baby “him,” so perhaps he has some insider Daddy scoop on the gender ;0) I just can’t wait to have the baby here so I can hold him/her. We should know that for sure in about 5-6 weeks.

I think I’m really starting to bond with this baby more than I have been. I was worried it wouldn’t happen, and was feeling really guilty. But the sickness easing has really helped me be more happy all around.