His name is Austin

12828349_10153992315264596_5746199997966722527_oHis name is Austin Denver. His daddy named him, and he’s such a good baby. Our 20-week sonogram was about a week ago, and he was really kicking and waving at us. He’s the most precious thing I’ve ever seen.

At 16 weeks I started feeling better. Morning sickness subsided and I have been feeling a lot happier. About a week ago I quit my job, as the stress has elevated my blood pressure to the point where I needed to take a baby aspirin each evening. I also began having pain from the muscles in my uterine wall and outside of it stretching. You never really think about having muscles there until they ache 😉

I can’t wait to start feeling him kick and punch! My doctor says that should start happening anytime now. He needs to start practicing those perfect spirals!

Anyhow, we just moved into a bigger apartment with a bedroom for Austin and his daddy is clearing it out and getting it ready for Austin’s baby furniture. We have some Dr. Seuss baby books and stuffed animals for him. We can’t wait to get his little room all set up.




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