Little things — thankful

We are a little bit further down the road now, at 23 weeks tomorrow. That’s the official week that babies are viable outside of the womb. Whew, what a relief to have gotten this far! Thank you Lord, for keeping our precious Austin safe.

When you’re a high-risk pregnancy, you tend to take note of every little glory that comes along. HCG levels doubled? Exhale. First sonogram heartbeat? Perfect. Out of the precarious first trimester? Thank God. Every time we go to the doctor, I panic a little bit prior to the visit, worried that we won’t hear a heartbeat. I guess that’s the human part of me that worries over everything.

Richly, God has blessed us with a healthy heartbeat each time we see or hear our little love. He’s getting pretty busy now too, kicking and (I imagine) flipping inside my belly when I settle down to sleep. I love those moments — when I get to feel my son playing happily as he grows — and can’t wait ’til they come more often.

At this point, I’m ready for him to be here. Sometimes, it’s like I can feel him in my arms. I can’t wait to feed him, care for him, love him, snuggle him, sing to him, dance with him, take him everywhere to explore life and get to know his perfect little personality. He is truly already a great baby.

We go back to see the doctor in 1.5 weeks, when I will have my glucose test for gestational diabetes. The illness runs in my family, so it’s very important to me to make sure all is well in the sugar department. Though the sweet little one inside of me might be all I need to up my A1C 😉


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