Being a North Texas mom

The weather is picking up today and we’re under a tornado watch here in Dallas. I don’t like living in tornado alley, not a bit. Especially in spring. Now that I’m pregnant, it’s extra scary to me because I have another life to protect along with mine, my husband’s, our dog’s and cat’s lives. We have a small closet in the baby’s room, and that’s where I plan to hunker down if the sirens start to blow.

Days like this take all my energy and toss it to the wind, so to speak. I have had the Weather Channel on for the past couple hours and I’m probably thinking about it too much. The sky outside is filled with white, fluffy clouds and blue, but it’s 84 degrees and the humidity is high. Usually, when storms are about to hit, the sky here turns a strange color — a grayish green that is probably more frightening than any other part of the impending conditions.

Although tornadoes happen all year round here, the springtime and fall seem to be the nastiest seasons. Spring brings rain (sometimes), and wild thunderstorms. I’ve seen blue, yellow, pink and purple lightening, been directly below thunderclaps (which caused me to drive off the road) and seen hail the size of softballs. The next moment, it could all be gone. Sun gives way to storms, and vice versa. There is no way to predict for sure, and that scares me.

Last spring we awoke to our phones screaming at us about a tornado threat. I heard sirens … this Yankee knows her tornado sirens … and realized the outdoor siren up the street from us was blaring its warning. I headed for the closet; my husband headed for the TV (He’s from Texas so he doesn’t freak out) and put on the news. They said we had a tornado on the ground near us in Irving. I was freaking out and telling him to get into the closet with me and the pets. He was cool as a cucumber and even as we found out that it was about a mile from us, he was ready to head back to bed.

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep a wink that night.

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