Gestational diabetes

I’ve started taking glyburide, an oral medicine that helps keep my blood sugar levels down. So far it seems to be working, as my morning numbers are low and within range. That’s the most important thing right now for me to focus on.

I don’t do well with anti-diabetic drugs. Metformin caused me to crash so badly that I ended up with blurred vision, dizziness, nausea and a relentless need for sleep. Glyburide seems to be having the same effect on me, causing a lot of nausea. I’ve puked about 5 times in the past two days.

To help stave off the pukes, I’m again taking promethazine early in the morning. I do feel better stomach-wise, but I’m so exhausted I can’t see straight. That’s one of the effects of promethazine that I experienced before. After several days that seemed to subside, but so did the positive effects of the drug.

Diabetes in general is a terrible, terrible disease. Having it while pregnant, with all the hormone surges, stomach unrest, acid reflux and exhaustion is nearly unfair. I’m no good around the house, and going out anywhere is just plain stupid. I sleep more than my dog and I still have so much to do before Austin gets here.

All of this will so be worth it when he arrives!