Getting fit inside the home

Stay-at-home-moms, it can be a challenge to get in our exercise and fitness each day, right? I usually don’t have the time to take a nice long walk, watch/workout to a video, lift weights, etc. That’s frustrating because exercise is a big part of self-care.

Now I know chasing our kiddos around can make each day exhausting, but for me, at least right now, that doesn’t entail too much because we live in a small 3-bedroom ranch house. On sunny warm days, we can go outside, but for the rest of the time, I do a lot of sitting, or at least a lot more than I realized.

So, I’ve come up with some ways to get your “steps” in each day when you’re stuck inside the house:

  1. Vacuum. Duh, this might seem obvious. But today I tracked myself and ended up gaining about 400+ steps from pushing around the sweeper. Note: most step counters don’t include backward and sideways steps so you probably actually take about double what the meter reads at the end.
  2. Dance with your kids. Or without your kids 😉 Austin and I often put on the music channels upbeat tunes and just play around, or I’ll pick him up and pretend we’re dancing on a ballroom floor. Great exercise, plus it’s fun and tires you both out (right before nap time, optimally). And, it gets music piped into your kids’ ears.
  3. Mop / scrub floors. Yes, another obvious one, but similar to vacuuming, the steps really add up. If you’re scrubbing on hands and knees, steps might not be a factor but think of all the muscle building you’re doing in your arms. That, and the sweat equity you’re building!
  4. Laundry. Yup, gathering, piling, carrying, tossing, unloading, folding, carrying (again) and stowing all takes energy. More than you know. Think, for a moment, of all the muscles you use doing laundry. Back. Leg. Arms. Chest. Shoulders. Hands. Seems silly, I know, but why not have clean clothes AND get fit at the same time?
  5. OK, going along with the above, picking up toys (and clothes) can really, really burn some calories, especially if you have more than one kiddo. I also have a husband with 6-feet of height on him and long jeans and pants. And sneakers. And shirts, socks, etc. (What is it about some guys that they just don’t like to pick up their clothes from the floor? 😉 ). And if you have a fiery son like I do, lol, you’re sure to fold those clothes mentioned above, store them in drawers, then have him toss them all out and throw/drag them all around. And of course, toys. Bending, lifting and storing toys can definitely build up fitness levels.

How do you stay fit doing chores around your home?


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